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Sven will support, enrich, process, purify, cultivate and master your projects with all his talent and craft to make you look awesome!

After working for sound studios and radio station, he switched to post production and worked as an operator on several commercials and industry films for companies like bmw, nikon, e.on, rwe, bbdo and vodafone. having “cut the edge” at westdeutscher rundfunk broadcasting corporation as digital video editor he started to immerse himself in all kinds of digital content creation and computer generated images at THE GERMAN FILM SCHOOL for digital production.

He specialized in compositing and grading, and improved his knowledge and competence in motion graphics, video editing, encoding and sound design. During his work in teams he also broadened his soft skills as director, producer and friend. His focus does not only lie on technical and aesthetical aspects of audio-visual content but it’s the creative idea, the story with all subtle thoughts and feelings that evokes emotional and affective experiences. He wrote his degree dissertation about evoking emotions and feelings in films, games and virtual reality.

To combine his broad skills for digital imaging, his professional technical knowledge with his talent for optimizing workflows and managing mass media projects he went to PICTORION das werk. There he worked as digital intermediate conform and finishing artist, doing feature film onlines, depth grading and mastering in the center of all vfx departments that are involved in the feature film post production pipeline managing the media workflows.

As a freelancer for media design and media consulting Sven now works on different projects and for several companies and institutions like ARRI Commercial, Frauenhofer Institut and Universität Zürich. Sven is lecturing at University of Arts Karlsruhe, Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München and CIANT / Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague as well as contributing his expertise to scientific research projects. He is a consultant for postproduction workflows and digital possibilities like web designs, graphic designs, layouts and digital and print brochures.